Prime Station Gateway Software

Prime Station Gateway

Prime Station Gateway is a software which can pull the data through your PC’s virtual port and upload them into the cloud server recording your date. PrimeStation Gateway is compatible with all Prime Scale Products and can be used for any application.

$19.99 per month you can always cancel after your monthly subscription is over.

ATTENTION: Did you know your scale slows down your business operation by 20%-45%?

Owning a scale to help your business is a very smart choice. However, using the scale “As Is” will slow your business down.
Follow me through this scenario: you suffered from trucking re-weigh charges so you bought a floor scale for your warehouse. Before you have the scale, your shipping department calculates the estimated weights of each pallet then fills in the Bill Of Lading (BOL). When it is done, they hand over the BOL along with the work orders to the warehouse. The warehouse workers make the orders and hand back the documents with PRO numbers so the office can follow up with the clients. Pretty smooth workflow. Only one thing: the weights are estimated. There’s a high risk the shipments will get re-weigh charges.

Prime Station Gateway Software

Now a floor scale comes into play. Your shipping department doesn’t make the BOL in the first place because they don’t have the exact weight information of the orders. So they only hand over the work orders to the warehouse. The workers make the orders and weigh the pallet scales. Then they write down the actual weights (or print them on a label). The workers give back the work orders with the correct weight information to the shipping department. The shipping department makes the BOL based on the weight information then hand over the BOLs to the warehouse. When the orders are picked up, the workers give back the BOLs with PRO numbers to the office for follow-up. In this case, the documents travel back and forward twice between the office and the warehouse.

Prime Station Gateway Software

Well, is it still a good thing to use a scale for your warehouse? Absolutely YES – as long as you get the “missing piece” to completely remove the downsides and improve the workflow.
The Prime Station Gateway software is the “missing piece”. It will change the workflow into this:
The shipping department gives the work orders to the workers. When the workers complete the orders, they weigh them. The floor scale will put the weight information on a cloud server. The shipping department makes the BOL based on the weight information on the cloud then gives them to the warehouse. The workers give back the documents with PRO numbers to the office for follow-up.

Prime Station Gateway Software

The data travels between the office and the warehouse so your employees don’t have to.
The Gateway software is super easy to use. The average training time is 4 minutes.
Prime Station is a mega business tool with the integration of ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, and E-commerce. Prime Station Gateway is the tool for getting the data from our equipment to the software system. The Gateway works flawlessly with the entire system and it can also work on its own.
Using Prime Station Gateway can immediately:
1. Increase your work efficiency by 20%-45% when using your scale.
2. Monitor your business activities for the shipped orders anywhere, any time.
3. Keep the record of the data for every single order
The Prime Station Gateway is $39.99/month. But for a limited time, we can lock down your price at $19.99/month for life.
Plus, you will get our Prime Interface software for FREE – a $69.99 value software that can display, print, and save your scale data into a CSV file.
This special offer ends when we are ready to launch our entire mega business system. It will happen any time soon. Order now to lock down your special offers and the most important – start a better workflow for your business when you use your scale.

Please provide your business name and email that you would like the software sent to upon check out.

Prime Station Gateway
Oct 8th 2021 SCALE DEPOT

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