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    PS-AS700 #animalscale Veterinary Scale PS-700AS Veterinary Scale

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      Prime Scales PS-AS700 is a heavy duty Veterinary scale with the ability to weigh small to medium sized animals with animal weighing and peak hold functions. It can also be used as an aviation scale. Features: Size: 38" x 20" x 2" Capacity...
    Now: $249.99
    Was: $600.00
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Commercial Scales

Scale Depot is a leading platform for buying different weight-measuring scales. Among our wide range of scales, commercial scales have a crucial role. They are designed with high-quality materials that are suitable to withstand extreme loads. 

All of our products are built to last longer and designed to overcome the requirements of today’s businesses. Our NTEP commercial scale is designed to support accurate and precise weight measurements. 

Commercial weight measuring scales are devices that are used to weigh different objects in commercial fields. They are most suitable for measuring various objects, from small products like spice to large products like heavy machinery.

Moreover, these scales are designed to resist the demands of high-volume and high-traffic environments in industries. Our scales are popular due to their durability.


We understand our various customers. We offer commercial weighing scales with different capacities, sizes, and prices to meet the needs of multiple businesses. Here are our popular selections of commercial measuring scales:

POS Interface Scales

POS interface scales are one of the leading types of commercial measuring scales that has a built-in point-of-sale (POS) system. These scales are engineered to weigh items and automatically transmit the data to the POS system. Later, the data is used to calculate the price of the item sold by weight. 

Scale Depot provides efficient and accurate weight-measuring and price-calculating POS interface scales. These versatile scales are mostly preferred in grocery stores, delis and meat markets. 

At Scale Depot, there are abundant types of POS interface scales available that are pretty suitable to meet the needs of multiple businesses. Our scales are integrated with advanced features.

Price Computing Scales

In addition to Point-Of-Sale interface scales, Scale Depot also sells price computing scales. These scales are mainly used in retail environments to weigh items sold by weight and to calculate their price. 

Our price computing scales come with easy-to-use and advanced features to save time. Their built-in bright and easy-to-read displays are extremely valuable in calculating prices instantly. 

Here at Scale Depot, you can get different price computing scales with a variety of weight capacities and prices. These highly reasonable scales can be used with a range of units of measure like pounds, ounces and kilograms. 

Uses Of Commercial Scales 

Commercial scales are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, food service, manufacturing, and retail. Here are some beneficial uses of commercial weighing scales:

In agriculture, these scales are used to weigh livestock and crops, helping farmers to determine the value of their products.

In food service, they are used to weigh ingredients for recipes, ensuring that each dish is made to exact specifications. 

In manufacturing, our scales are used to weigh raw materials and finished products, helping to ensure quality control. 

In retail, these scales are used to weigh price items sold by weight, such as fresh produce meat and bulk goods.


At Scale Depot, customers can get various options of commercial scales to choose from. Whether you need a scale for agriculture means or in retail shops, we have numerous high-quality and durable scales. 

Moreover, our products are designed to support error-free measurements so that you can get the most accurate results. So, don’t take long to think, buy from our website today!