Industrial Scales

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    NTEP Approved Hercules Truck Scale / Weigh Bridge 70 x 10 ft 200,000 lb NTEP Approved Hercules Truck Scale / Weigh Bridge 70 x 10 ft 200,000 lb

    Prime Scales 70' x 10' ft…

    Prime Scales

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    Our Hercules Series is most definitely one of its kind. Manufactured with a heavy duty weigh bridge and specially designed cross beam loads cells, this scale can weigh up to 20,000 lbs, 300 loads per day for 20 years and not get fatigued. With us being...
    Now: $79,999.99
    Was: $89,999.99

Industrial Scales

Scale Depot is a leading company that has years of experience in designing high-quality, durable, affordable, easy-to-use and certified industrial scales. Our comprehensive range of these scales is perfect for weighing heavy industrial equipment.

We offer a wide range of industrial balances that cater to the specific needs of different industries. Our heavy duty scales are designed to provide accurate measurements and withstand harsh conditions, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications.

Industrial balances are instruments used for measuring and weighing various types of products and materials in industrial settings. These scales are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, healthcare, and logistics. 


At Scale Depot, we have multiple designs and a variety of industrial weighing scales:

Floor scales 

Floor scales are designed to weigh heavy loads and are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture.  We provide a range of floor scales, including low-profile floor scales, pit-mounted floor scales and heavy-duty floor scales.

Counting scales 

Counting scales are designed to accurately count large quantities and save time by eliminating the need for manual counting. We offer several counting scales, including bench scales and portable scales.

Bench scales 

These scales are compact, easy to use, and provide accurate measurements. Here we have a range of bench scales, including analytical balances, precision balances and compact scales.

Crane scales

Our crane scales are extremely valuable for use in industrial applications where loads need to be lifted and weighed simultaneously. These scales are typically used in industries such as shipping, logistics, and construction.

Pallet scales

We also sell pallet scales which are commonly used for saving time by eliminating the need for separate weighing and transport equipment. 

At Scale Depot, we understand that every industry has unique needs when it comes to industrial weighing scales. 

Application Of Industrial Scales

The uses of our industrial weighing scales are vast and varied, and they play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and accuracy in industrial processes. Here are some of the common uses of industrial weighing balances:

In manufacturing industries, our scales are used to weigh raw materials and finished products to ensure consistency and quality control.

These scales are also used to measure ingredients in food processing to ensure consistent batch sizes.

In healthcare industries, these scales are utilised to monitor body composition, such as body fat percentage, to assess patients overall health.

Industrial weight measuring scales are also very useful to weigh pallets and shipping containers, ensuring that they meet weight requirements for transportation.

In industries such as retail and distribution, they are used to count large quantities of identical items, such as bolts or screws.


Scales used in industries are crucial instruments and Scale Depot offers a diverse range of high-quality industrial as well as certified commercial scales. Our industrial measuring balances are designed to provide accurate measurements and withstand harsh conditions.

Moreover, we also support calibration services to ensure that our customer’s scales remain accurate and reliable over time. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial scales and how we can help meet your specific needs.