Pancake Scales

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    Prime Scales 120" x 120" (10'x10') 20Klbs x 5lbs Heavy duty Cargo Pallet Floor Scale | Pancake Scale Prime Scales 120" x 120" (10'x10') 20Klbs x 5lbs Heavy duty Cargo Pallet Floor Scale | Pancake Scale

    Prime Scales 120" x 120" …

    Prime Scales

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    Here you see the Prime Scale 120" x 120" (10'x10') 20,000lbs x 5lbs Heavy duty Pallet / Pancake / Floor Scale with wrap around ramps Calibrated & Packaged properly before shipment! This Units is Ideal for weighing Cargo, large pallets, products or...
    Now: $9,999.99
    Was: $15,000.00

Pancake Scales

Welcome to Scale Depot; we are the ultimate solution to all your weight-measuring requirements. We have years of experience constructing high-quality, accurate and reliable scales for our customers. 

Here, we are introducing our efficient scale that is built to last longer: The Pancake Scale. This scale is also known as a low-profile scale that specialises in weighing large and flat objects. This useful scale is widely used in baking and other food-related departments. 

Due to their flat and low-profile base, they are quite easier to use and store. Moreover, this scale is also accurate in terms of weighing, which is why a lot of restaurants prefer it for measuring ingredient quantity before cooking. 

Purpose of Using a Pancake Scale

Pancake scales support a unique design than other ordinary scales. They have several benefits in multiple fields, and here we will discuss why you should consider buying a pancake scale. 

-) As pancake balances are quite smaller in size, that's why there are very low chances of errors in the reading. The accuracy and precision of these scales are remarkable and can be used in multiple fields. 

-) If you don’t know much about scale operation and need an easy to use scale, then this is the best option. These scales are designed to provide convenience by delivering easy functions. Moreover, some of these scales also come with a remote display that makes it easier to take a reading without any struggle.  

-) Another good benefit of this balance is that it takes less space. Their portable design is the perfect solution for those with insufficient storage space. They can be installed on kitchen counters or in restaurants.

-) Pancake scales have wide applications that make them extremely versatile. They are a perfect choice for measuring all kinds of small items like cakes, pizzas, spices, herbs etc. 

Types of Pancake Scales

Pancake scales come in various types to meet the specific needs of buyers. Their versatile and portable design makes them an ideal solution to use in multiple places.

-) Digital Pancake Scale 

A digital scale is a useful device that is designed with such technology that gives more accurate results. They also have a remote feature that makes taking weight readings easier. However, these scales are a bit expensive compared to other standard scales. 

-) Mechanical Pancake Scale 

Mechanical scales are more reasonable in price than digital ones. They are perfect for those who consider it to have a traditional and analog scale. They come with a large dial, but they can be a bit less precise than digital ones. 

Why Buy from Scale Depot?

Scale Depot delivers durable pancake balances that have the ability to provide precise readings. Our scales are equipped with additional features that make them stand out from traditional scales. 

We have constructed them with high-quality materials so that they can serve longer. So, if you are searching for a portable and easy-to-use scale, consider our pancake scale. Moreover, our customer care support stays available 24/7 to handle all your queries.