Prime Roll-On-Weigh 3000x1lb Drum Scale | Heavy-Duty Wheelchair Scale | Floor Scale With PS-IN202 Indicator

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When you need to push a dolly / cart / wheelchair onto a scale, you need a ramp. And you need the scale to be accurate, safe to use and take as little space as possible.
Prime Systems Roll On Weigh scale series have it all. When the wheels touch the ramp, the ramp goes down to touch the floor to hold the weight. When the dolly / cart / wheelchair is completed on the scale, the ramp will come up automatically so it will not affect the weight reading.
The scale will never flip up even with 3000lb heavy load. Your dolly / cart / wheelchair will never go off the scale because it has barriers on the sides and the end.
This version PS-ROW-M can be used for short pallet jacks.


Platform Size:

PS-ROW-M: 48″x28.5″

Max Weight Capacity: 3000x1lbs

Weighing Units: lb, kg, oz switchable

Indicator: PS-IN202 NTEP indicator

Easy assembly needed when receiving.  Here’s how to assemble:

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